Dilip Aiya – Warrior of Light, Teacher & Friend

“Love is a perform-able miracle!”

My dear friend, you passed away at the beginning of this year… you’ll be missed by 100s, if not 1000s, of your friends and followers, the people you met throughout your life.The cheekiness on his face, and in his eyes and smile!

The cheekiness on your face, in your eyes and smile! How the world misses you, my dear brother…

I’ll miss you too, my good friend.

You taught me to look past the pain of betrayal, to not close my heart forever, and to always get hurt – one can always dust oneself off and try again, but one cannot stop growing old and bitter if one allows the pain to ferment…

Thank you for that advice. I promise to keep my heart open, sharing light and love with as many as possible.

Your most favourite saying, “Love is a performable miracle!” stays in my heart to this day, and you will live on in other hearts too.

Peace on your journey.

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