Decisions, decisions…

…always apparent
despite trying to distant oneself
in the end
a choice must be made.

The ability to choose
makes us human
and for those with no choice,
there is often a
subhuman element
to their lives.

But each of us has
just one life
and for those fortunate
enough to have a choice
there is often
a myriad of decisions to make
and certainly
plenty of opportunities to take.

Chances are challenges
sent forth in flight
on the wings of luck.
But what if we all
make our own luck
attracting the positive
when we are
in that state of mind
and drawing in the negative
when things go wrong
all the time.

Or how about
just going with the flow?

Whatever path we choose,
at the end of the day
one thing is certain
– we must deal with the consequences,
without delay,
of our actions.


Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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