My flower sermon

I used to live in a world
Of fairy tales and happy endings
Of jumping from boulder to boulder
Climbing trees
Playing kiss chase
Never ever to grow older.

I used to live in a world
Where the most important thing
Was to be good
To do your homework
Go play, eat and bathe
Then slip dreamily into bed.

I used to live in a world
Of wide open spaces
Of yellow deserts and
Soap box derby races
Of skateboards, and hot white beaches
Date palms and the sparkling forever sea.

I used to live in a world so simple
Where other people
Made all the decisions
Where my only thought
Extended to teasing my sister
And not getting caught.

Now the world has changed, it seems
And so have I.

I live in a world
Of infatuation and obsession
Of financial ‘sanity’ and egotism.
When did selfies become more important
Than learning the crafts of life
To pass onto the next generations?

The perception that we, as humans,
‘Rule’ this earth
Simply tickles me pink with mirth!

As a worldwide society
Our priority
Must be the preservation of our Mother
And all that she allows to live and breathe
Within her rainbow coloured atmosphere.

I live in a world of balance
Of hate and love
Of hope and fear
Of light and dark
Of discord and harmony.

I live in a world that’s part of a cosmic cycle
Each of us an even smaller representation
Unique but greater as a whole
Living in worlds of never-ending vibrations.

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