Slightly drunk, totally grateful

Lying here right now
Slightly intoxicated
On gin and tonic
I think of my life
And how grateful
I am.

To myself first, and apologies if this seems egotistical… but thanks me,
for having strength,
for numbingly walking painful times and seeing me through.

Thanks to my family,
For molding me first, 
Allowing me to grow,
Always being there, supporting, sometimes more than you want to,
and vice versa, of course!

Thanks to all my teachers.

Those who are friends,
friends lost,
colleagues, bosses,
authors, bloggers,
acquaintances, lovers,
and exes.

Those I’ve met on the many various journies of life,
as well as those random one time meeting people,
even the ones who pulled out a knife.

I’ve learned so much already
But there’s still plenty more
– a certainty for sure.

In the meantime,
This is a short poem of thanks,
Of appreciation,
For the world you’ve given me,
Of gratitude,
For this multidimensional perspective,
For my point of view.

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