No matter what you do, you will make enemies

I have been reading a number of interesting articles today – something to break up my work day. You know, I find it’s the best way for me to work – finish a task or two, then do some reading, maybe a post on the blog an’ all… so, here we are at the next article that I found through the course of today – how to learn from your enemies:

“And who creates such opportunities? Not our friends, of course, but our enemies. They are the ones who give us the most trouble, So if we truly wish to learn, we should consider enemies to be our best teacher!”

~ His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

“Even the Dalai Lama has enemies. Don’t sweat it, it’s just the way life is. People will see things in you that they want, that they wish they were, or things in you about themselves that they hate and project it off on you.

And then there’s ignorance, the greatest source of all enemies. All of these things lead to people hating others, and naturally becoming some sort of shining light leads people who have something within themselves that they need to let go of want to unload that issue off on you.

There is a silver lining though – you can grow more from your enemies than you can from most of life’s other experiences. Compassion, patience, and understanding are all qualities that are tested and therefore can be developed by experiences with our enemies, and these are some of the most valuable qualities a person can develop.

So don’t shy away from enemies, welcome them with compassion, love, and understanding. Use them to transform yourself and be an example to them of what real greatness is.”

Thanks to the author of this article – I have been meditating on this point for some time now, and this snippet just confirms my resolve on the matter.

Love solutions through meditation 🙂 xx


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