My sister; making waves for women in Palestine!

Lily Hartmann

Asira Al-Shamaliya: Vlog 4

Lily was one of just two girls who joined the team of skateboarders who went to Nablus, Palestine, in August this year to build a skateboarding park for the local children.

She even made the local news:

Palestine’s skateboarders defy gravity at new park

And my favourite summary of what Lily was doing while out there comes from my other sister – I really could not have said this better myself:

“Lily’s interview with the Middle East Eye. Out of 25 participants, Lily was the only woman working on this project in Palestine. She was the only person allowed to work with the girls in the school. Last week, an exhibition went up at the University, the photo of Lily working without a hijab, pushing a wheelbarrow, next to a cement mixer, has generated massive interest in the project and it’s cause, and the exhibitors said it had drawn more media than they could ever have hoped to achieve, shredding light on women in the Middle East, their rights, and the ongoing plight of Palestinian people. SO proud!”

Yes, Lils, SOOOO fricking proud!! xxx

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