Being auntie Jojo…

I love children… well, the ones that have started to develop their own little personalities, but don’t yet answer back! You know that age?

When invited to a 2 year old’s birthday of the son of a very close friend of mine, I of course jumped at the opportunity to spend the day with a lovely family – seeing as mine is all over the world!

I hope you enjoy the moments captured – I will, forever! xx

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  1. Julie Lewis says:

    Lovely. I loved being an aunt and godmother for nearly 20 years of adulthood before I had my own children, and time spent with them was very precious – I also had more time and emotional energy to invest in them than I would now. I think all children benefit from having other non-family adults around them, and the other way round too. Keeps us in touch with the childlike wonder at the universe deep within all of us.


    1. JojoBean says:

      Beautifully put!


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