REBLOG: Palestine and Jerusalem: a view from 1918

Wow, that is a beautiful piece of history – I am showing it to my family; we’re of Palestinian descent… – and reblogging also! Thanks. Peace x


photo-of-agb-on-camel_jpgNearly 100 years ago, Australian troops entered Palestine for the first time. In view of all that has happened since, it is interesting to get an outsiders view of the situation in the country at that time. The  Islamic, Christian and Jewish culture had a big impact on Allan G.B. Fisher, Humphrey’s father who was on the on the Jaffa-Jerusalem road with the  Australian 5th Camel Corps Field Ambulance in 1918. On his return,  he wrote up his thoughts on the past, present and future of the place on his return, giving a  talk on the past, present and future of Palestine and Jerusalem to the Public Questions Society of the University of Melbourne.

Humphrey has finished editing this talk, and is sending out copies with his Christmas letter this year, feeling it apposite in our present times. He includes a foreword, noting that whilst serving in the Army…

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