Whiling away in Amsterdam


Whiling away time in Amsterdam… spent Christmas with the family!

Wondering down the streets, buildings stand crookedly tall on either side… and watery canals sparkle by, bridges connecting the narrow cobbled streets.

Have sharp eyes, don’t step without looking… bikes are every shape and style; electric, push and petrol. Trams take their time down the winding roads that follow alongside the canals, veins creeping throughout this stunning city.

Cute little boutique shops. Restaurants of all origins. Coffee shops, like Cheech & Chongs, Barney’s and The Doors. With weed like Someria (indica, good for chronic pain), Kandy Kush and old skool Northern Lights. Museums and art galleries – Heineken, Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. Sex shops. Head shops.

There is colour everywhere, and texture. Through architecture, decor, the natural lines of the city, the people… and the sounds… it can be so quiet, and in the mornings you hear the church bells tinkle away in the distance. It’s quite odd when a firecracker goes off outside and sets off in turn car and moped alarms. Cycle bells, and laughter.

This place has soul. Has history. The creative air hangs effortlessly in the air as you stroll around.

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      In so many different ways!


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