Pondering Joseph Campbell’s quote – American mythologist, writer & philosopher

Quote by Joseph Campbell
Quote by Joseph Campbell

I’ve been meditating on this point rather a lot over the last year… to go or not to go, that is the question.

The thing is, often in life, in order to go forward, one may have to take a step back. I feel I have come so far already, and there have been so many different chapters with clearly defined beginnings and endings over the last 35 years, that maybe I am already living the life the has always been there with me.

That may sound odd to some… but actually, if you had been in my life consistently over the last 35 years, you may understand where I am coming from. Some of my posts here have detailed some of the really not very nice (for wont of better terminology) events that have happened in my life, as a child, an adolescent, a twenty-something, or even before I was born and still managed to influence my life, and that of my family’s, for some time thereafter.

But then, there have been so many amazing parts of my life too. Most especially in the last 6 years, after scooping myself up off the floor after the last relationship.

These last years have really been a journey of discovery, of myself and those around me, and having been sick and stuck at home (by law in Luxembourg) since New Year’s Day, I have had the opportunity to look through all my travel diaries and photographs.

These little pocket books I have taken on so many journey’s, so that I may scribble notes on all the things I observe, whether it be the people, or descriptions of the places, the sounds and the smells. Looking through all these memories, I realise I am very lucky.

And that perhaps what I thought my life would be like, i.e. the travelling teacher, is not actually the life that has been waiting for me all these years. What if I can make the most impact with what I am doing now, i.e. working, and in-so-doing earning money so that I can help those in need elsewhere in the world, but also giving me the opportunity to explore the planet’s playground?

Food for thought…

Note: other amazing quotes by Joseph Campbell:

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

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