I wanted snow…

I wanted snow and a proper cold winter, so when I saw a sale on flights in late November, and a return ticket for just €99 from Lux to Stockholm, I booked it for this weekend.

It started snowing in Lux yesterday.

And then last night.

We are already in a winter wonderland now… and I am on a plane right now, waiting to depart while the wings are being de-iced at the airport.

Will I get there?! Update you later!!


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  1. John Hein-Hartmann says:

    Oh dear! Good luck! We had a first bit of snow these last 2 days too, but doesn’t compare to what we can see in your picture!

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    1. JojoBean says:

      Hey dad – thanks! Sun has practically set now… it was beautiful but it’s bloody freezing – can’t feel my knees!!! You will laugh at the size of my room – can’t swing a cat in here, ha!!


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