A brief evening in Stockholm

A brief evening in Stockholm

Having landed later than expected, I was eager to get out the airport and into Central Stockholm as quickly as possible – 20 minutes! I couldn’t quite believe the ease of it. Getting off the Arlanda Express at Stockholm C Station, it took me all of 10 minutes to find tourist information and the bus stop, at which I waited for about 10 minutes in the freezing cold (-10 degree Centigrade – not common for me), the skies crystal clear above me getting darker, and the pink of the sunset reflecting off the windows of Stockholm’s grand building facades. The number 53 popped up, I climbed aboard, and then sat marvelling at the beauty of the City of Stockholm spread out in all directions from me.

I love that initial feeling of curiousity that hits me when I get to a new place – I want to drink everything in. I was blessed then to be on a bus that was being driven quite gently through the snow lined streets, stopping quite often. I could gawp at the rivers and bridges, and the intersections depicting a variety of transport available – on water and land.

About 10 minutes later, I hopped off the bus (I do really travel light) and started wondering in the direction of the river, having observed on a map before my flight that my hotel was located along it, heading westwards.

I was starting to panic because I kept seeing these beautiful shots and just wanted to drop my backpack and take photos but was absolutely dying to go to the loo. I thought, “Fuck it! The sun is going down, the sky is beautiful and clear, and I really want to capture this moment!!” I managed to get some results…

Finally I got to my hotel boat. Look at my cute cabin room, porthole and all!!


My finger tips were frozen, as were my knees. I actually couldn’t even feel my knees for a wee bit… I obviously wasn’t prepared for the cold when I got off the plane, despite my awesome down jacket keeping my whole body warm! I should have remembered my damn thermals…

After having warmed up, I thought to get some food and something hot to drink. Here is the beautiful setting for my first evening in Stockholm:

So wait… in the first couple of hours after landing in Stockholm I have discovered beauty, history, efficiency, ingenuity, nature and atmosphere – is that right?? Let me think, there must be something I don’t appreciate… ah yes, Swedish taste in music! I was serenaded in the restaurant by golden oldies (from my era, ahem) such as Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey… eeek! Those songs certainly took me back to my teenage years, the good and the ugly! But I have changed since then, as has my taste in music…

But all in all, you’re a pretty awesome city, aren’t you, Stockholm?

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  1. joshi daniel says:

    beautiful and great mood 🙂


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