Meditation: overthinking


How I feel… and the reason I’m always on the go.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my quiet time just as much as the next person. Without “me” time, I can’t regenerate, so I become irritable when I feel I’m giving too much energy externally.

When I am having “quiet” time, I try not to do too much thinking. I like to concentrate on breathing, or smoke a doobie and read a good book, or write poetry or a blog post, go for a walk or drive, take my camera and snap.

I used to think about things a lot more intensely until I realised that my problems are only big because of my perception; to others, they’re not so big. I realised that through letting go of these thoughts and admitting I had no control over the outcome, i.e. “what’s done is done”, I would relax a lot easier.

Sometimes I’m still like a firecracker though, more often than not when I feel pressure, having promised to do something for someone while having just finished a long day at work and having dinner with a different friend afterwards – it’s all too much and I snap, mumbling angrily to myself in the car, shaking my fist at other foreign drivers, especially coming up to Sandweiler roundabout. Grumble, grumble…

So I play my music loud in this tiny little space of my VW Polo, and I’ve got Chopin, Vivaldi and Debussy massaging my brain, calming me. And I let go on the other side of the roundabout and it’s all good.

I also learned another way to get to and from work now, so I’m a lot happier.

I found this on Facebook the other day and just loved it. I feel it sums up this post nicely. For, as Charlie Chaplin said,

“[…] We think too much, and feel too little. […]”

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  1. “Think Positive” Is always a good approach.

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  2. Thanks so much for following I really do appreciate it – Fonz


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