I really enjoy the World Food Programme’s (WFPs) “Stories”- not only are there some beautiful yet heart breaking images, but also real people’s stories as well as the facts about the situations that many people are currently facing across entirely different countries, for entirely different reasons, worldwide.

Here is just one of those stories of real people: Classroom 12

Reading the horrors that many refugees have faced, and yet seeing the smiles and laughter in the eyes of some in these images… it just makes me feel so in awe of what us humans are capable – not only war, desctruction and the creation of desperation, but life through love, through survival, against all the odds. These are the stories of survivors, those who had the strength to take that next painful step, “with hunger stalking them” at every turn; those who have starved themselves so that their children may be able to eat, to live on.


“WFP aims to assist nearly three-quarters of a million people in the Lake Chad this year, but only 17 percent of the funding has been secured.”

My heart breaks to read that… especially having just read an article about the American Inland Revenue Service (aka the tax office) taking $555 million from Michael Jackson’s children for back pay in taxes that their father owed; not only could America feed it’s 5 million children that go starving to sleep every night, but it could also save ALL these lives. Read more here: Michael Jackson’s Children To Lose Most Of Their £900Million Inheritance?

So, who or what is Boko Haram?

Boko Haram, […] is an Islamic extremist group based in northeastern Nigeria, also active in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon.[4] The group’s leader is Abubakar Shekau. The group had alleged links to al-Qaeda, but in March 2015, it announced its allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).[11][12] Since the current insurgency started in 2009, it has killed 20,000 and displaced 2.3 million from their homes[13] and was ranked as the world’s deadliest terror group by the Global Terrorism Index in 2015.[14][15]

Source: Wikipedia Boko Haram

Read more here:

BBC – Who are Nigeria’s Boko Haram?

The Guardian – Join us or die: the birth of Boko Haram

The Atlantic – Dozens killed in Boko Haram’s attack on Nigerian village

And for those who don’t know what it’s like to lose everything, to be flung into a new way of life that brings about new survival challenges, to not know where you are going from one day to the next… I can tell you, it’s not pleasant, nor is it ever easy. Don’t judge what you don’t know – not all of us are crazy psychophants; most of us are just like you – we want a safe and secure place to call home, loving friends and family surrounding us, and good health. It really is that simple, yet it takes years to obtain – even when one has a British passport.

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