Whirlwind inter-connectivity

The world runs rivers
To the seas
The earth crossed with blue shades of arteries.
Pulsing lives
All intertwined
All connected
Nothing planned
Nothing certain
Constantly shifting, changing course
Joining others as they make their choice.
Our souls run this path also
Colliding with one another in serendipity
Some join and flow together for all time
While others move from one branch to the next.
Fortunate souls are those who compliment their counterparts
If they do not, they are bound towards a steep drop
A sharp decent into churning, violent water
And then calm
When all bubbles have cleared.
And these souls, this river containing us
Will continue to glide
Picking up other streams by the way side.
On and on we flow, a never ending cycle
Each of us so minute, so minuscule
In the scheme of things
So why waste time on foolish emotions
Just get on with the party
Get on with your life
Make peace
And thrive.
Written content is © All rights are reserved.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zakiah says:

    Beautifully expressed. We are like the lines on our palms, similar but different.


    1. JojoBean says:

      Very true indeed! I was trying to say that basically, our lives are not fixed, the people in our lives are also not fixed – not unless we want them to be, because they are good for us, amongst other things. How are you by the way?


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