snowy Luxembourg

So the weather has been the subject of a lot of chatter recently. In the media and on social media reports and reactions to “The Beast from the East” have filled our senses.

Despite the fact that it is winter, people seem surprised – both pleasantly and sadly – that there has been quite so much snow falling. And while I spent some time recently in Norway, and I kind of acclimatised to it, I realise there are differences between the winter here in Luxembourg and that in Norway.

Norway has sweeping landscapes – mountains and beautiful vistas across fjords that reflect the icy blue sky during the day, and the full moon at night, stretch out before you. The ice cold is dry and the snow crunches beneath your feet, the stone grit securing your footing as you stomp along in snow boots. It’s so cold the water running down the mountains in summer causing small waterfalls has frozen solid, icicles dangling menacingly over the road. It’s a breathtaking place to take photos and be inspired to write.

Luxembourg, by comparison, is landlocked, the City on both a plateau and in a valley. I work in the City centre and live about a kilometre away. So I walk regularly through this quirky little City. And while I felt overwhelmed by Norway – I literally had a tear in my eye at the gaping beauty of it all, and to be a part of it for a small amount of time was heavenly – I still find so much beauty all all around in my daily life right here on home turf.

Here is my perspective of #beautiful #snowyluxembourg

Samsung S8, Snapseed filter & edit

Jojo x

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