everyone is responsible

As we all grow up, we go through many life experiences that influence our character traits and personalities. For me, it really isn’t either nurture or nature that moulds us, but definitely both of them to varying degrees.

The last few years I have been active in regards to raising awareness of climate change, the over use of plastic and the move to renewable energies, as well as wars that disrupt the lives of so many across the globe. I am just one person. I can only do so much from my small part of the world.

The same as everyone else.

However, during the last year, my closest friend, the person who has known me her whole life, had some business issues that coincided with personal joy, and I could see that she needed someone she trusted to handle a few things for her while she tried to celebrate her new personal good fortune. I can’t go into too much detail, but needless to say, my time and energy shifted away from being an activist for causes abroad and at home, and towards being there for her.

But I am certainly no saint.

My life, like anyone’s, has it’s light and dark moments. I am a hedonist by nature but by nurture I am also someone who strongly feels their responsibilities.

Having said that, I just checked my “activist” email inbox – I have 100s of unread messages all about causes I used to throw my time into.

It made me realise that, no matter whether I am helping and supporting global, national or local causes, I have always felt responsible for someone or something. Whether it was the journalist due to be whipped in public, saving the oceans, breast or children’s cancer awareness, volunteering with children, or simply helping out strangers, family or friends on an ad hoc basis, I have always been there to offer support – whether it’s my expertise in the office, signing petitions and spreading the word, volunteering, organising events or just being there for someone, family, friend or stranger.

I’m also responsible for myself – my well being, my health, my money, my life and how I want to live it.

I often have doubts in my mind as to whether someone who wants to live so freely truly can, when there are so many people and things for which one feels responsible.

Everyone of us has our own responsibilities in life. I often find myself wondering why more people don’t care about the causes I care about, why, when there seem to be so many of us who agree, we are still struggling as a species, to survive, and thrive, to become one with our surroundings.

We can’t compare ourselves to one another – it just isn’t possible when we are all so unique, that we all have our own little universe, each of us has our own history, present and future, our own story to tell. We therefore can never be comparable to one another.

And we should take comfort in the fact that everyone is responsible for something or someone at any given moment. I certainly am coming to terms with knowing that people are fighting the good fight when I cannot, and that everyone really is trying their best from their level of awareness.

Now, if only their level of awareness were heightened somewhat…

One love xx

All writing is based on personal experience and ponderings – and opinions are given from personal perspective.

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