melting pot


The sun dappled through the sky-high grass
playing across my vision
A melting pot of colour 
of emotional intuition
I let go -
eventually -
The energy
of those around me
Striking starkly.
And I see the sky's rhythm
Dancing light
And tall stems
A sunset backdrop.
Your aura
How we merged
into one
or at least tried...
The storm comes
- reflected in the clouds
the sun bows
As thunder joins lightening
in deep playful song
Fat drops soak our skin
We smile with relief
The heat dissipates
But so light
And gone
Before we know it
Your lips
And I feel myself fall
Into you
Filling space
Time slowing
And then I hold back
I'm high
I shouldn't doubt
But walls appear
A cage
All I have is me...
My heart screams
Just let go!
And you make me
to the sound of drums
dancing in the rain
lightening scratching the sky.
We searched for shelter
and found a metal flower
No dry haven
But a thought
of an emotional pause together
In the wild
I drowned in you in that moment
almost threw clothes to the rain
Felt the exact same desire
to fuck you right there and then
Rain and thunder and lightening
pouring down on our fantasy
I stole you away -
Just like you stole my interest
That very first day.



Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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