Melting pot

  The sun dappled through the sky-high grass playing across my vision A melting pot of colour of emotional intuition I let go – eventually – The energy of those around me Striking starkly. And I see the sky’s rhythm Dancing light And tall stems A sunset backdrop. Your aura Smile Being. How we merged…

Lebanon calling!

After moving to Luxembourg at the start of 2010, I had finally managed to save enough money to go on one of my first holidays in over a decade. For a multitude of reasons, I didn’t see much outside of the UK during this long period in between; mainly, university cost money, and trying to…

majestic rain of laughter

A majestic afternoon of sunshine and brief torrential rain… Friends laughter, a few shots – and never ending games… River sits still after the storm and my friends are now looking a little worn… Written content is © All rights are reserved. July 2017.

family, life, and everything after

Love is a funny thing; It lightens your soul and brings you firmly back to ground. It lifts your spirits, And makes you want more… It fills your heart, your essence, your being And in the next instant it can turn so ugly, So poor… An afterthought, as communication breaks down And once accepted contentment…


Home. Funny word that. Home is where my parents are. Or the hotel in whichever country I am travelling around. Or my bedroom in my flat share. Or my sisters’ flats, when they cook me good food. Or my friends’ homes, when I stay overnight. I have always felt like I am still searching for…

Happy Sunday people!

Drinking games in Luxembourg… summer finally started! Peace and love to you all. Happy Sunday xx

Running in Kockelscheuer

Running in Kockelscheuer, 1 May 2016 #nofilter Appreciating the majesty of living in my city, Luxembourg. Happy Sunday all! One love, peace xx

New Word Wonder!

New Word Wonder! Hell yeah… to ALL my loons out there, I say namas’cray to YOU!! Happy Friday – bring on the weekend, wooooo!! 😊 One love xx

Ships, tiles, crystal clear waters and big smiles

In 2012 I visited Debrovnik in Croatia with a good friend of mine. Here are a few photos depicting my personal highlights, including a multitude of colours and textures. It is a truly beautiful city.