A brief evening in Stockholm

A brief evening in Stockholm Having landed later than expected, I was eager to get out the airport and into Central Stockholm as quickly as possible – 20 minutes! I couldn’t quite believe the ease of it. Getting off the Arlanda Express at Stockholm C Station, it took me all of 10 minutes to find…

I got snow… then sunshine!

I got snow… then sunshine! As my sister, Rana, always says, “Even if it’s a grey day, remember, the sun always shines above the clouds!”

I wanted snow…

I wanted snow and a proper cold winter, so when I saw a sale on flights in late November, and a return ticket for just €99 from Lux to Stockholm, I booked it for this weekend.

All weathers in one day… Luxembourg?!

  So, coming into work this morning, I basically saw the sun peeping up on the horizon and was thinking that maybe, just maybe, we might have a cold but sunny day for the whole day today… well, I was correct to a point, and then it started snowing!

Ships, tiles, crystal clear waters and big smiles

In 2012 I visited Debrovnik in Croatia with a good friend of mine. Here are a few photos depicting my personal highlights, including a multitude of colours and textures. It is a truly beautiful city.

When in Bangkok…

When in Bangkok… why not find yourself a © All rights are reserved

Ooooo errrr Madame Joe!

Ooooo errrr Madame Joe! In 2012 I stopped over in Bangkok on the way back from a trip to Australia. The decision came about after I had spoken to an old friend of mine, who was also my first love. Yes, you read that right – he was my first love at the tender age…