While wondering Bali

Flying into Denpasar, Bali, at sunset, is an experience in itself. Cloud encircled the island’s mountain tops, and the orange light bathed the western beaches – I could just make out the tiny boats near the shoreline.

Sunset kissed kites

Like insects skimming the surface of water, So the kites flew over the treetops, Black silhouettes against a darkening sky. I caught you while on my motorbike. #nofilter

Sea, for yourself

Simply no words to explain how I feel… As I watched the sun set over Kuta yesterday eve… Unfamilair stars and planets of the southern hemisphere.

Skate for Peace with SkatePAL!

This little lady, above, is one of my skate boarding sisters, Lilly ❤ ❤ ❤ You know already our connection with Palestine… well, Lilly is taking it a step further by connecting two of her passions – skateboarding and Palestine. This week she just set up a crowd funding campaign to raise money for this…

Needles to a past not forgotten

The needles scratched the surface of my skin, the points painlessly being driven in. The well of emotions into which they tapped, made for an interesting and colourful landscape, as memories were cracked wide open. The sea, the waves lapping, the heady scent of suntan lotion; the heat on burning feet when running across the…