lessons from a tree

if you feel like you’re losing everything, just remember that trees lose their leaves every year, and they stand tall, content, waiting for better days to come. JojoBean xx Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

learning to listen

listening deeply is the key to understanding. for when we have taken the time for things, and get to know them, only then, will we have a better understanding of them.

majestic rain of laughter

A majestic afternoon of sunshine and brief torrential rain… Friends laughter, a few shots – and never ending games… River sits still after the storm and my friends are now looking a little worn… Written content is © All rights are reserved. July 2017.

enjoying a winter wonderland

Where have I been the last couple of months? Well, I am not going to kid myself and say that there has been anyone who reads this blog who has actually thought that, but I’d like to stroke my own ego for a moment… I have actually been all over the place, and really didn’t…