Everyone is responsible

As we all grow up, we go through many life experiences that influence our character traits and personalities. For me, it really isn’t either nurture or nature that moulds us, but definitely both of them to varying degrees. The last few years I have been active in regards to raising awareness of climate change, the…

enjoying a winter wonderland

Where have I been the last couple of months? Well, I am not going to kid myself and say that there has been anyone who reads this blog who has actually thought that, but I’d like to stroke my own ego for a moment… I have actually been all over the place, and really didn’t…

Rumi – 13th Century Persian poet, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic

“Two there are who are never satisfied — the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge.” ― Rumi I can definitely relate to this particular Rumi quote – being a solivagant, and third generation child with a lust for adventure… Rumi’s meditations and quotes also remind me of Buddha and his teachings. Respect.

Thoughts on a postcard: revamped blog – what do you think?

Thoughts on a postcard: revamped blog – what do you think? So… having woken up at ridiculous o’clock again this morning, I decided that it was about time that I sat down and actually chose a decent theme to my blog – especially as it’s The Sound of One Hand Clapping’s one year anniversary; yay!

REBLOG: The elephant conservationist

So, as you may or may not know, I have a fourth sister… who isn’t a skater girl! She is my absolute best friend, the only constant in my life since I was 1.5 years old. Her name is Rana.