Night stroll

I left the flat about 22:30 this night… the streets and canals natural wind tunnels, causing my hoody to blow off a couple of times, though in a respite it was still relatively warm for the end of December – clear skies too. It’s quieter at night on the streets around where my sister lives……

Whiling away in Amsterdam

Whiling away time in Amsterdam… spent Christmas with the family! Wondering down the streets, buildings stand crookedly tall on either side… and watery canals sparkle by, bridges connecting the narrow cobbled streets.

When my sister sends me flowers like these…

When my sister sends me flowers like these… …I wonder, “Who needs a man??” Love you sis, you’re amazing! Christmas is never the same without you xxxx #nofilter #noedit © All rights are reserved

Twinkle twinkle

Partaking in Christmas cheer with friends! Beautiful crisp night, and fires all round. #nofilter © All rights are reserved

A walk of changing seasons

Walk through the autumnal forest Where the faeries prance in delight And peep out from behind their little doors Carved in trees And in the darkness, light.

Sunset kissed kites

Like insects skimming the surface of water, So the kites flew over the treetops, Black silhouettes against a darkening sky. I caught you while on my motorbike. #nofilter

The sunrise chased us

The sunrise chased us Halfway around the world The darkness almost absolute, though The lights of distant cities Shimmered like candle flames in a breeze, Flickering through the scattering of clouds Beneath us.

Sea, for yourself

Simply no words to explain how I feel… As I watched the sun set over Kuta yesterday eve… Unfamilair stars and planets of the southern hemisphere.

Just a couple of things for which I am extremely grateful

Two weeks vacation in Canada – seeing relatives for the first time in 20 years, and really loving the fact that, had we all grown up together, the cousins, and my sisters and I, we would have got on like a house on fire, because we all fundamentally have the same morals, values and outlook…