While wondering Bali

Flying into Denpasar, Bali, at sunset, is an experience in itself. Cloud encircled the island’s mountain tops, and the orange light bathed the western beaches – I could just make out the tiny boats near the shoreline.

Visiting Canada’s Capital City

Having not seen my auntie and uncle in more than 20 years, they felt the urge to take me on a tour of their home, and beyond… so we drove across to Ottawa – it has a Big Ben in it!! Well, it’s a little smaller than Ben, but still, looks spiffing daaaahlin…

Adventures in Niagra

I am a very fortunate lady – my cousin and his wife, who is now also my cousin, decided to surprise me and take me on a trip to Niagara Falls! We were out for the day, and having a few drinks in the evening… but the most fun must have been the boat –…

Being auntie Jojo…

I love children… well, the ones that have started to develop their own little personalities, but don’t yet answer back! You know that age?

A walk of changing seasons

Walk through the autumnal forest Where the faeries prance in delight And peep out from behind their little doors Carved in trees And in the darkness, light.

Sea, for yourself

Simply no words to explain how I feel… As I watched the sun set over Kuta yesterday eve… Unfamilair stars and planets of the southern hemisphere.